Spring brings new arrivals

Posted by tb on 27 March 2019

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Hello everyone,

I’m really excited and a bit nervous because my baby is almost due. When I lie quietly in the straw I can feel the kicking inside me. One of the sheep has got in first though and I can see her lamb jumping around in the big field. Lambs are wonderful jumpers but goats are better, we are built for it!

The big news this month is the birthday party they had; I’ve never seen so many people here. Orchard Trust, where I live, was 30 years old and lots of friends, old and new, came to celebrate. There was a huge cake with bright orange icing but we goats didn’t get any; apparently it’s not good for us. I was a bit jealous because the ewe with the lamb got to go and meet everyone and they were holding her lamb and making a fuss of her.

The weather has been terrible, I’m so glad I have a nice solid shelter with plenty of straw to get out of the rain. I think they are building us a new house because there will be too many for this one when my sister Niamh and I have our family. Some of the people came and very carefully laid some heavy slabs on the ground and then they put a wooden floor on top. I think there is going to be a bit more to it than that but we all love jumping on and off the new floor.

There is always lots going on here and we are all curious to find out what is happening. Millie the pig has been away for a while but we think she is coming back soon. Last weekend, when it was quiet, one of the people came and built a new house for her. I think she too will be having babies when she comes back, so by the time Spring is at its height there will be loads of young things running and jumping about in the paddocks here.  I hope lots of people will come and see them. 

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  • During these difficult and uncertain times it is comforting to see new life on our smallholding – from lambs and piglet to the natural cycle of the season with fresh leaves and the blossoms of spring.