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The activity park allows people of all abilities to have fun together

The Orchard Trust day services is home to an accessible activity park.  The park consists of wheelchair accessible swings and roundabout, an in-floor trampoline and accessible slide.

The park can be enjoyed by all people young and old, making it perfect for all the family to enjoy.  It is situated on same site as the smallholding so people can enjoy views of all the animals or they can use the wheelchair accessible paths to get a closer look.

There are facilities for all personal care needs, including electric hoist and a changing table, but visitors must provide their own support staff where needed.


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We are a non-profit organisation so we require donations to keep us going.

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News and Events

  • 28/04/2020 2:18pm
  • During these difficult and uncertain times it is comforting to see new life on our smallholding – from lambs and piglet to the natural cycle of the season with fresh leaves and the blossoms of spring.